Kai the collective way

Join the Co-op revolution

There’s change afoot Aotearoa. A movement back to community, to buying local, to ethical food sources and reduced waste. We’re making it happen with the Co-op revolution. It’s kai the collective way – a new, more affordable and sustainable way to buy. Be a part of it.


Gather your Co-op whanau

Get together with like minded family, friends and neighbours. Elect your Co-op Leader – and boom! You’re a Collective. Ka Pai!


Sign up online

Register your Collective here on tuarinz.com. Each member receives a login, password and membership number. Next minute, you’re browsing our online store.


Congrats! You’re Co-opping

Tuari opens your weekly order. You log in, shop online and pay for your groceries, while enjoying sweet as savings, Co-op deals and reduced waste. Nice!


Delivery day

Suppliers deliver to Co-op HQ. Co-oppers divide and pack it. You pop in to pick up your order, have a chinwag with Co-op buddies and celebrate your decision to join the Co-op Revolution.

Tuari Co-ops bring


Buy with whanau, friends and neighbours. Band together to create a Co-op that works for your community and supports it’s members. Get involved if you want to!


Communal and bulk purchasing means lower prices, so families can afford the best, fresh whole foods available.


Access the freshest, quality produce, regardless of where you live, including organic, free-range, vegan and allergen free options.

Circular Economy

Keep the money flowing in and around your local community by buying from your favourite local producers.

Local Economic Activation

We believe in supporting our local economies, so we work hard to seek out the best grass roots producers around Aotearoa.

Transparency of Supply Chain

With Tuari you know exactly where your food is coming from. There’s no hidden middle men – just your Collective, your suppliers and clever Tuari tech to connect the two.

Environmental Sustainability

Communal buying reduces waste, plastics and packaging. We’re committed to caring for the environment and source product from suppliers who feel the same.

Support for our People

At the heart of our values is support for our tangata whenua. Working with iwi groups and indigenous growers provides pathways, job opportunities and economic stimulus for our people.

Start your own Co-op today

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