We’re here for you Co-opper

How to Co-op

Follow our step by step guide for simple, stress-free Co-opping with Tuari 

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Sign up online

Congratulations, you’re in the right place! Sign Up to Tuari with your wider Co-op whanau. You can do it now… 

Right Here


Get your login details

Set your own Password and Login Name and we’ll issue you with a Membership Number. That’s it! You’re official.  


Browse the store

Check out the awesome range of fresh seasonal produce and quality pantry staples available in our online store. 


Your order is opened

Every Friday Tuari will open an order for the entire Co-op. With the order now live, you’re good to go!


It’s time to shop

Log in, and shop for your groceries the way you usually do online. You’re a pro already.


Check out

Double check your shopping list then finalise and pay for your order. Ka pai Co-opper! You’re done.


Forgot something?

Don’t worry! Your order won’t close until 12 noon on Monday. Just log back in and add to your shop. 


Your Co-op order is closed

Tuari finalises and closes off the order for your whole Collective between 12 noon and 4pm on Monday.


Tuari submits the order

The Tuari team submit your total Co-op order to each supplier by 5pm on Monday.


Suppliers spring to action

The products are picked, packed and despatched to your Co-op HQ, arriving on your nominated delivery day. Exciting!


Receiving the order

Co-op volunteers recieve the deliveries and pack the products into member specific orders.


It’s pick up time

Collect your order from Co-op HQ, have a chinwag with your Co-op buddies and celebrate your decision to join the Co-op revolution!


Time for your next grocery shop?

Just log back in and place your next order. You’ve got this e hoa.

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